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About US

DMO Knives strives to make the best knife that can be used in any environment without letting you down, from everyday carry, tactical, camping, or to the grill. All of our knives are custom creations, designed for any purpose.

From start to finish, each DMO knife takes multiple hours of care and customization. Our master craftsmen take pride in their work and spend time with each blade to make sure it is a perfect work of art before it gets shipped out. 


DMO Knives is a small business where all hands-on work is done in-house. We are proud to be law enforcement owned/operated, producing high-quality, American made products in the heart of the Ozarks.


All DMO knives go through a top-secret, fine tuned process, developed by our Lead Master Craftsman, which allows the steel to withstand any punishment and still keep working! Our knives are fierce! Just check out some of the testimonials and our social media pages.