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"All men are created equal, knives are not."

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Check out the newest design in the DMO arsenal! The Beaver is a classic Bushcraft design with a DMO twist. Everything from the stonewashed blade, to the handles, to the the way it feels in your hand, make this blade one you'll want to grab. Each one comes with an optional ferro rod.



.25 inch 1095 Steel

Total Length - 9.5 inches

Blade Length - 5.25 inches

G10 Handles


Kydex Sheath

Ferro Rod (Optional)

DMO - Dead Moose Ops

The moose is the largest member of the deer family and they use their rack to intimidate and scare off rivals.

The knives of DMO have the same effect over other knife options in tactical, everyday carry, camping, sporting, farm, and more. You might consider DMO in a continuous rut!

If you have one of our knives, you already know about the impressive feel and performance.  If you don't have a DMO custom blade in your collection, it's time to get one!




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DMO CHUB in FDE blade with coyote and bl